Notices & Warnings

Selectboard Notices & Warnings

Bradford Selectboard
Public Notice

The Selectboard of the Town of Bradford has signed a purchase and sale contract with Jason Fornwalt to sell the land and premises which the Town has purchased from Robert Nutting at 172 South Main Street.  This is presently a burned building, which Jason Fornwalt has agreed to purchase for $1.00 on condition that he will clean the lot of debris within sixty (60) days.

If five percent of the legal voters of the Town of Bradford petition the Selectboard within 30 days of the date the Selectboard signed the purchase and sale agreement (July 28, 2017) to cause the question of whether the Town should convey this property to Mr. Fornwalt on these terms to be placed on a warning for a Special Town Meeting, the question shall be voted on by the electorate and its decision shall be final, either approving or disapproving the sale.

The deadline for a petition is August 27, 2017.  If no petition is received, the decision to sell the Nutting land to Fornwalt will be confirmed on August 28, 2017 (31 days following the day the Selectboard signed the purchase and sale contract).

Dated this 28  day of July, 2017 at Bradford, Vermont.

Thomas E. Unkles, Selectboard Chair

Reminder of Dog Leash Laws
Bradford Selectboard–Bradford Town Office

The Bradford Selectboard would like to respectfully remind residents of the Town of Bradford that each person owning and/or keeping a dog within the Town shall bear sole responsibility for the actions of his or her dog from becoming a nuisance. All dogs must remain under the control of their owners/keepers at all times. This can best be accomplished by keeping dogs on leashes while walking through the Town and/or near properties not owned by the dog owner.