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1/15/18 – 3:30 am
Leak found, water turned off to Lower Plain.  While the system is refilling, there will be air in the lines & low water pressure to those whom still have water service.  Everyone on the Lower Plain, including Plateau Acres, Waits River Road and Route 5 South will be without water until the repair has been completed.  

1/16/18 – 6:30 am
There was a major water main break on Creamery Rd. Monday night, January 15, 2018. Water to the Lower Plain has been turned off until repairs can be made. A contractor is prepping to do the repair this morning.

1/16/18 – 8:30 am
Unfortunately at this time, we do not have any new information to report.  As soon as I hear from the guys in the field with any sort of update, I will be sure to post it on the website here and on our Facebook page as well.

1/16/18 – 10:25 am
Water service has been restored!  There may be a little air in the line and low water pressure until the water lines are full again.  Thank you for your understanding.


If you have any questions, please contact us directly at

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