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Bradford Water & Sewer Commission

P.O. Box 603

Bradford, Vermont 05033

Phone:  (802) 222-4315

Fax:  (802) 222-4319




Robert W. Nutting - Chair

Robert Terrill - Vice Chair

Lunnie Lang

Larry Drew

Seth Bean

Meeting Information:

  • The Commissioners meet in the Water Office on the 2nd floor of the Bradford Academy Building, 172 N Main Street, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.


Personnel:                                                                    Phone:

·        Water Operator:                             Jonathan Thornton                 802-222-4315

·        Treatment Plant Chief Operator:      Dale Thornton                        802-222-9640

·        Treatment Plant Asst. Operator:      Ron Moore                             802-222-9640

·        Office Manager:                             Bridget Simmons                     802-222-4315


Our Addresses:

·        Mailing Address:                                     PO Box 603, Bradford, VT  05033

·        Office Address:                                      172 N Main Street, Bradford, VT 05033

·        Treatment Plant Address:                        94 Depot Street, Bradford, VT 05033


Our Phone Numbers:

·        Office Phone Number:                      802-222-4315

·        Office Fax Number                          802-222-4319

·        Treatment Plant Phone Number:         802-222-9640

·        Water Emergency Pager                    802-741-1248

·        Sewer Emergency Pager                    802-741-2236


Our Email Addresses: - Office Manager

                                        - Water Operator






Billing Information
Payment Information
Current Rates


Residential or
Commercial Sewer Permit

Change of Sewer Discharge Permit

Sewer Ordinance

Roof drains,
Cellar drains,
Sump pumps or
Storm drains violations

Water page

Hook on and Impact Fees

Frequently Asked Questions
Ways to save Water





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