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Town of Bradford VT Personnel Employee Handbook


Town of Bradford

Recreation Director

The Town of Bradford is currently searching for a part-time recreation director.  The person will be responsible for working in conjunction with the Bradford Parks and Recreation Commission to lead in Bradford Recreation programs, facilities, budgets, and activities, consistent with the community’s objectives and values.  The position requires a strong presence within the Town Office, as well as an ability to attend night meetings.  The hours range between 8-20 hours per week based on the time of year and programs/activities planned.  The wage range is $17-$23 per hour based on experience.

The successful candidate will report regularly to the Bradford Selectboard. Prior to hiring the Town of Bradford may conduct a criminal background check on applicants.   Applications can be found at the Bradford Town Office (172 North Main Street), or online at www.bradford-vt.us. The application deadline: will be accepted till position is filled. Questions please call: 802-222-4727 ext: 310 or email parks-recreation@bradford-vt.us

Please mail application and resume to:

Town of Bradford

ATTN: Recreation Director Job Position

P.O. Box 339

Bradford, VT 05033


18 years old and over, part time for 15-25 hrs a week, at $10/ hr.                                                      Deadline Monday June 27, with an interview asap.

Contact <parks-recreation@bradford-vt.us> and <luckydyd@gmail.com>   222-4727 ext 310
Counselor application
Counselor job description:
  • Responsible for running daily activities for a youth day camp, including a group of children.
  • Responsible for providing an environment that is safe, nurturing, healthy, educational and fun.
  • Provides campers with the opportunity to develop new skills and make positive contributions at camp and in the community.
  • Organizes, promotes, leads, teaches and conducts several activities of the camp program including environmental education, arts & crafts, sports and games, drama/music, and special events.
    • Assists children with all aspects of their camp day.
    • Communicates with head counselor about children’s needs or any incident.
    • Ensures that no child is alone
    • Is never alone with a child
  • Reports to Camp Director on activities, participant needs, program suggestions, and problems; recommends course of action as necessary.
  • Leads special activities for entire camp in a particular area of interest as desired and qualified.
  • Participates in program planning during staff training and meetings with Camp co-Directors and staff.
  • Administers basic first aid and CPR as qualified in the event of injuries to campers.
  • Communicates with parent(s)/guardian(s) on a daily basis about camp activities and camper(s).
  • Other duties as assigned.