Forms/Permits Ordinance/Policy

Below are Department specific Ordinances, Policies, & Forms

Revolving Loan Fund

Local businesses or new businesses in Town

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Highway Department Ordinances and Permits:

ATV Ordinance
Driveway Access Permit Application and Ordinance
Standards for Residential & Commercial Drives B-71
Highway Permit
Mailbox and Newspaper Delivery Ordinance
Traffic Ordinance
Outdoor Storage of Junk and Junk Vehicles Ordinance

corrections to traffic ordinance 5-8-15


Application for Bradford Parks- edited 2015 To rent or use the parks for special events, please fill out application. You can email the completed application back to Carol Bean , at: Bradford Parks and Rec

Waiver for Parks & Recreation, Bradford VT

Town Office


Proposed Sign Ordinance 2017


Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance
ATV Ordinance
Dangerous Building Ordinance
Dog Ordinance
Driveway Permit & Ordinance
Junk: Outdoor Storage of Junk and Junk Vehicles Ordinance
Public Assembly Ordinance
Public Nuisance Ordinance
Sewer Ordinance
Sign Ordinance 2014
Traffic Ordinance


Driveway Permit & Ordinance
Highway Permit
Sign Permit
Application for Bradford Parks Use


Appropriation Request Policy
Fillable Bradford Academy Building Usage
—-Bradford Academy Use Application
Elizabeth Park Rules and Regulations

Water Policy


Zoning Permit
Certificate Of Compliance
Sign Permit
Zoning Bylaws