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Bradford Water & Sewer Commission

P.O. Box 603

Bradford, Vermont 05033

Phone:  (802) 222-4315

Fax:  (802) 222-4319




Robert W. Nutting - Chair

Robert Terrill - Vice Chair

Lunnie Lang

Larry Drew

Seth Bean

Meeting Information:

  • The Commissioners meet in the Water Office on the 2nd floor of the Bradford Academy Building, 172 N Main Street, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.


Personnel:                                                                    Phone:

·        Water Operator:                             Jonathan Thornton                 802-222-4315

·        Treatment Plant Chief Operator:      Dale Thornton                        802-222-9640

·        Treatment Plant Asst. Operator:      Ron Moore                             802-222-9640

·        Office Manager:                             Bridget Simmons                     802-222-4315


Our Addresses:

·        Mailing Address:                                     PO Box 603, Bradford, VT  05033

·        Office Address:                                      172 N Main Street, Bradford, VT 05033

·        Treatment Plant Address:                        94 Depot Street, Bradford, VT 05033


Our Phone Numbers:

·        Office Phone Number:                      802-222-4315

·        Office Fax Number                          802-222-4319

·        Treatment Plant Phone Number:         802-222-9640

·        Water Emergency Pager                    802-741-1248

·        Sewer Emergency Pager                    802-741-2236


Our Email Addresses: - Office Manager

                                        - Water Operator




Billing Information:


·        Meters are read quarterly during the last two weeks of the following months:

January, April, July & October


·        Bills are mailed on (or about) the 5th of the following months:

February, May, August & November


·        Bills are DUE on (or about) the 5th of the following months:

March, June, September & December

Payment information:


·        Payments may be mailed to:

Bradford Water & Sewer Commission

PO Box 603

Bradford, VT  05033


·        Bills may be paid in the Water office, located on the 2nd floor of the Bradford Academy Building, at 172 N Main Street - Bradford, Vermont.

·        Bills also may be paid in the Town Treasurer’s office, 1st floor of the Bradford Academy Building, 172 N Main Street.




Hours of Oeration

·        Office Manager:  Monday - Thursday:  8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

·        Chief Water & Sewer Operator:  Monday - Friday:  6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

                                Please note, the above hours are subject to change without notice.


Current Rates

Effective November 3, 2012


Water Quarterly Rates 

$27.00 Water Base Charge (per unit)

$1.60 ·········· Per Thousand Gallons

$25.93·········· Water Bond Charge (per unit)

Sewer Quarterly Rates

$70.00··········· Base Charge (per unit)

$4.10··········· Per Thousand Gallons Under 14,250

$6.10··········· Per Thousand Gallons Over 14,250

$25.00··········· Bond Charge (Per Unit)

The BASE CHARGE is used to pay the basic quarterly operating costs, regardless of the number of gallons used.

The PER GALLON charge is based on the number of gallons used per quarter.

The BOND CHARGE is used to pay the bond (loan) payments.

The WATER bond charge includes the water portion of the South Pleasant Street bond, direct line project, Goshen Road project,  well head protection land purchase and teh water system improvement project.

The SEWER bond charge includes the sewer portion of the South Pleasant Street bond, the original bond to build the treatment plant and the treatment plant upgrade completed in 2006.



Why does Sewer cost so much more than Water?


At a past Town Meeting, the Commissioners were asked if the sewer rates could be reduced.· Most users feel that the water rates are reasonable but the sewer rates are too high.· In an effort to help answer this question, we would like to review the following information with all users.

·The biggest reason for the difference in rates is due to the difference in the number of users.· More users help to reduce costs per user.

There are approximately 565 water users (accounts).·

The Water operating budget for 2007 was $167,672 or about $296.76 per user.


There are approximately 255 sewer users (accounts).·

The Sewer operating budget for 2007 was $182,459 or about $715.53 per user.


The next reason for the difference in rates is due to the cost of the actual operation and maintenance required for the processing of water and sewer.·


The primary steps in providing water to our users are:

  1. Pump water from the aquifer to the reservoir
  2. Chlorinate the water
  3. Gravity feed and/or pump water to your location
  4. Perform all required testing and monitoring
  5. Maintain water lines, mains and pumping stations (2 pumps and 2 pumping stations)


The primary steps in the handling of wastewater for our users are:

  1. Gravity feed and/or pump waste to the treatment plant
  2. Remove large objects, grit and sand and dispose of the waste
  3. Shred smaller objects and dispose of the waste
  4. Pump the wastewater into the aeration tank (diffused air) to start the biological degradation process
  5. Separate the sludge and grease from the effluent
  6. Disinfect the effluent with chlorine
  7. Discharge the effluent (treated water)
  8. Feed the grease into the digester after which it is pumped into the sludge tank
  9. Pump the sludge directly into the sludge tank where it is stored until there are approximately 180,000 gallons in the tank
  10. Spread the sludge onto land or dewater it (to reduce volume and weight) and dispose of in the landfill.
  11. Perform all required testing & monitoring
  12. Maintain sewer lines, mains, tanks, pumping stations, and treatment plant (2 pumps, 2 blowers and 4 pumping stations)


Sewer budget items such as electricity, chemicals and sludge removal are very difficult to reduce.· The treatment plant runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.· Pumps, aerators, filters etc. all run continuously with redundant equipment as backup.· Our treatment plant operators must perform mandatory testing 365 days a year.· This testing dictates the amount of chemicals used plus other operating procedures.· We anticipate spreading sludge on the field each year but are subject to the weather.· If the field is frozen or too wet, we are forced to “dewater”.· Dewatering is more than double the cost of land spreading.


We hope this has helped all users to understand more about the water and sewer operation.· Please call our office if you have any questions (802-222-4315).· We also meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Bradford Academy Building.· Our office is on the second floor.


Bradford Water & Sewer Commissioners







Hook on and Impact Fees (Effective:  January 20, 2009)





Pipe Size

Application/ Impact Fee

Meter & Installation




Up to and including 3/4”










1 ¼ to 1 ½”



















*Will be the responsibility of the contractor/property owner.




Residential Hook on Fee




Small Rural Enterprise

Commercial Hook on Fee






(Fee will be paid in a lump sum in the first year.)


Per 100 Gallons – Per Day




Hook on fees DO NOT include pipe from the water or sewer main to the curbstop, the curbstop, excavation or labor charges for installation.  These fees, which are the responsibility of the customer, will be billed by the sub-contractor selected to execute the work.  All pipe from the curbstop into the building shall be at the applicant’s expense and shall remain applicant’s property. 

                  Customer Requested Shut Off and Reactivation

Reactivation of Water Service                        $150.00

Reactivation of Sewer Service                       $581.00


Inspection Fees

Commercial Sewer Inspection Fee                $50.00

Residential Sewer Inspection Fee                  $25.00

 Non-metered water from the water system (i.e. hydrants etc.) will be billed:

Base Charge  $35.00 Per Occurrence

Usage Rate     $15.00 Per 5,000 gallon increments - or any portion thereof

After Hours Call in Fee - $30.00 per hour - 2 hour minimum









as of Tuesday - April 23rd, 2013 @ 2:01 PM


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Hook on and Impact Fees

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