Paul Berlejung, Zoning Administrator
P.O Box 339, Bradford, VT 05033
172 Main Street, Bradford, VT 05033 1st floor
802-222-4727 Ext 215

Marcey Carver, Assistant Zoning Administrator
same address
802-291-0525 (call/text)

BY APPOINTMENT (in person and via Zoom)

Except as provided herein, no land development may commence unless a Zoning Permit has been duly issued by the Zoning Administrator in
conformance with the Town Zoning and Subdivision Bylaws.  Land development is defined as the division of a parcel into two or more parcels, the construction, reconstruction, conversion, structural alteration, relocation or enlargement of any building or other structure, or any mining,
excavation or landfill, and any chamge in the use of any building or other structure, or land, or extension of use of land. No permit issued shall take effect until the time for appeal has passed or until the final adjudication of such appeal (24 V.S.A 4449(a)(3).

The Zoning Administration Department is available to assist applicants with the permitting process, to help facilitate the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment.




Town Zoning Map (12/12/19)
Town Overlay Districts Map (12/12/19)

Bradford Village Detail Zoning Map (12/12/19)
Bradford Village Detail Overlay Map (12/12/19)

Zoning Application Process

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Building/Zoning Permit 2019

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Zoning Administrator: H. Paul Berlejung

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802-222-4727 ext. 215



Marcey Carver, Temporary Assistant Zoning Administrator