Forms/Permits Ordinance/Policy

Below are department-specific ordinances, policies, & forms

Revolving Loan Fund

Local businesses or new businesses in Town

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Highway Department Ordinances and Permits:

ATV Ordinance
Fillable Driveway Access Permit Application 2017
Standards for Residential & Commercial Drives B-71
Highway Permit
Mailbox and Newspaper Delivery Ordinance
Traffic Ordinance
Outdoor Storage of Junk and Junk Vehicles Ordinance
corrections to traffic ordinance 5-8-15


Memorial Field Regulations FINALMemorial Field Application

Application for Bradford Parks- edited 2015 To rent or use the parks for special events, please fill out the application.
Waiver for Parks & Recreation, Bradford VT

Town Office


Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance
ATV Ordinance
Dangerous Building Ordinance
Dog Ordinance
Driveway Permit & Ordinance
Junk: Outdoor Storage of Junk and Junk Vehicles Ordinance
Public Assembly Ordinance
Public Nuisance Ordinance
Sewer Ordinance
Sign Ordinance 2017
Traffic Ordinance


Fillable Driveway Access Permit Application 2017
Highway Permit
Sign Permit
Application for a Public Assembly



Fillable Appointed Officer Application


Appropriation Request Policy
MEMO Appropriation Requests2019
Petition 1.doc
Petition 1.pdf

appropriation application
Bradford Academy Use Application
Elizabeth Park Rules and Regulations
Water Policy



Notice of Residence/Business Security Check 
Vermont State Police
VT DMV Report of a Motor Vehicle Crash
VT DMV Verification of VIN or HIN


Building Permit 2019

Zoning Permit
Certificate Of Compliance
Sign Permit